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Annabelle Watts 4-11-15

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Wade pic

Wade Hayes 4-11-15

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Laura Briner

Laura Briner 4-11-15

 Paul Moseley

Paul Moseley 5-9-15



Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground 5-9-15



JB pic

Jenny Beth Willis 6-13-15

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Kings Highway

Kings Highway 6-13-15

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Higher Ground

Higher Ground 7-11-15


Tom Ewing

Tom Ewing 7-11-15


Joe Christian with Steve Clark 8-8-15



Light Struck





Jacobs Family

Becky and The Butler County Boys 8-8-15

Mark and Emily Shelton

Mark and Emily Shelton 9-12-15


Skylar Cain

Skylar Cain 9-12-15


Lealand Isbill



Leland Isbill 9-12-15

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